Belonging to a group and enjoying special privileges is something many customers want.


People want to live more comfortably and receive more value from each purchase. The membership benefits service has the potential to provide customers with incentives to buy what they want, to be reminded of your brand, and to live the way they want for less.


Our experts have a wide range of knowledge about benefits, and have successfully developed nationwide networks of benefits end clients use daily.

The membership benefits solutions we provide include discounts and special offers from selected categories and establishments aligned with the needs of end clients.

Beneplus has developed modern and user-friendly mobile apps that display and inform end clients about benefits and discounts they have.

Some services, such as insurance plans, may never be utilized by some customers, yet, providing these customers with daily and weekly benefits that improve their quality of life, act as a reminder and an important reason to remain a member.

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We count with a network of over 1,500 commercial partners.